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Hi I’m Bronwyn and welcome to my blog, Queenofjozi.

Come enjoy the journey with me as I explore all things in life that inspire and excite me. From the streets of Jozi to wherever I may go, shoe closets and trends I will and won’t be rocking. To everything that makes life exhilarating.  You’ve got a FROW to the crazy world that is Queenofjozi.

Why I love fashion

Woman often struggle with finding their personal style and we tend to copy what we see in the media instead of exploring what really works for us. Trying and failing is often better than trying to be something you’re not, finding your personal style is often as important as finding your place in this world.

Fashion is an instant language as todays human interaction goes so fast, it tells people who you are without having to say a word. Anything that speaks so loud without saying a word is definitely worth looking into. It builds confidence and makes you feel beautiful and secure it can change your self-image using just the right pair of heels and some clothes.

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