I must say my birthday month was LIT! If I count correctly, I think I celebrated 4 or 5 times (dinners, parties & picnics) including a sneaky trip to George, Oudtshoorn and Cape Town.  Guido &  Anton you guys are legends, thanks for that!  I didn’t plan anything this year they just seemed to ‘come my way’ so to speak, mostly because my friends are legendary. Yes! High five! Thanks life! I know what you’re thinking,  who celebrates their 29th birthday because…

  • You’re not 30, duh
  • It’s an awkward age

Like I said, this wasn’t planned…but also I felt like instead of hating this weird age and wishing it away, I am going to celebrate the last of my 20’s and forge the way for a year of awesomeness! Let’s be honest who wants to be 29? NOBODY. We either want to be 18 again, have the body of 21 year old and the mind of 30 year old. So I decided to embrace 29 (queue ominous music) and redefine what it means (whatever that is). I don’t feel 29, some say I don’t look 29 (bless their souls) but I am 29 and I am going to live the heck out of it! I will not be shaken by peoples perceptions of where I should be at this age (engaged, stable, homeowner) I am going to do what makes me feel good. Travel, laugh, start a new business, lose 10kgs, date, have fun,(Queues Beach boys – Escape) Why not?! Why can’t that be the new 29? Why I do I have to stare down the barrel hole of ‘I’m almost 30, what have you done with your life?!’ No, I refuse…this is going to be the BEST year yet!


The culmination of the celebrations was the best penthouse dinner party…ever! The divine menu was created by the head chef specially for my dinner (if that is not baller then I don’t know) and it was a treat for the senses with views of the Jozi skyline.


IMG_2883 IMG_2916IMG_2988

Thank you to the incredible Radisson blu Hotel, Sandton for hosting me and making me feel like a princess and made me feel like I had the money of a queen! Ha! A girl can dream!

IMG_2974 IMG_3062





Skirt: Jo Borkett

Top: Topshop

Shoes: Woolworths