Sporting the sheer clothing trend doesn’t imply baring all, allowing you to still feel comfortable and establish a reasonable limit for how far would you actually go.

The safest way to embrace the trend remains highlighting your assets through sheer elements subtly injected in your clothing (sleeves, trouser legs, midriff)
If you don’t feel comfortable with total transparency, opt for translucent or delicately embellished fabrics instead
Keep your overall look clean and choose a minimum of accessories
To achieve a sophisticated feel, select neutral colors and relaxed lines for your garments

If you opt for a see-through top, layer it on top of statement lingerie, another sheer undergarment or wear it underneath a blazer
Rather than going sheer from head-to-toe, balance the see through pieces with opaque ones (sheer tops with opaque bottoms and vice versa).Embrace color in order to slightly distract from the sheerness.Choose delicate fabrics like lace, tulle, chiffon to complement the see through elements

For summer embrace lightweight fabrics, subtle lace accents and lots of white to complement the sheerness. Highlighting your femininity by using heels and wedges, alongside floral crowns, hats and delicate jewelry. Play with the lengths and layers, but keep your beauty look as close to natural as possible.