If you follow my Instagram and Snapchat you’d know I eat a lot…of crap. But I work out a lot too which in my mind eliminates said unhealthy eating.

So I do have my Rooibos tea at least once a day to ease my eating habits, you know that I’ have been drinking the new flavours by Freshpak, Cranberry & pomegranate & Watermelon & mint. Anything to satisfy my sweet tooth. And after the long weekend (aka the 4-day devouring of everything in my path) I’ve been on a ‘tea binge’ if you like. I’ve told you all about the health benefits in my previous article so I’m trying to implement them and FAST as summer is basically in our doorstep. It’s become part of my everyday routine I’ll have some before polefit in the morning around 8am and then after 1pm to soothe my sweet cravings after lunch which basically keeps me going all afternoon. And because Rooibos has no caffeine I don’t have any ‘downers’.

So my plan of action for summer is this:
-Hit the kitchen & create delicious ice tea recipes of my own
-Make it tasty & try all the Freshpak flavours at least once (there’s a whole range from Freshpak Junior for kids to green tea, hoodia & Rooibos
-Reap the health benefits of tea
-Make them at every pool party, braai or get together I attend in order to try and control my ever growing midriff and basically look like Martha freakin Stewart

I’ve tried an ice tea recipe twice now & want to share it with you guys because I love it.
I am down for a healthier, fresher, sexier summer with ice tea…

I’ve found some delicious recipes on their their website too:Recipes


Bronwyn’s Summer Fiesta in a jar
2 teabags Freshpak Cranberry & pomegranate
2 tea bags Freshpak Watermelon & mint
1 litre boiling water
1 lemon
Honey (to sweeten, dependent on you)

image image

-Boil water and add tea bags to steep in a jug

-Add honey to sweeten if you prefer

– Leave for at least 2 hours in the fridge

– Cut up lemon and strawberries and add to add to tea

-Reduce blueberries in a pan for 20min on low-medium heat until it’s a syrupy consistency

– Add all fruit to the ice tea

– Pour into jars and enjoy guilt free!




image image


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