Boob tubes have never been an item clothing of choice do me. I mean it’s not even on my radar unless I’m wearing it underneath a dress or jumpsuit. Basically it’s an accessory when needed example: ‘Too much cleavage on this dress let me employ my boobtube for coverage’. I feel strongly that they were made for people with either fake (because they hold themselves up) or zero boobs (no support needed).

It just never made sense to me, consider the following:

1) No bra
2) My boobs are too big and I would look like I’m ready to feed a herd of cows
3) Insecurities. Please refer to answer no. 3
4) Mid-torso would be on show for all to see & summer body is never ready
5) People will run away as per answer no. 4
6) I usually judge fellow humans who wear midriffs
7) Either you’re a try hard or a show-off, leading on from answer no. 6.





Tomorrow on the www

But here I am standing in a white (nonetheless) boob tube for all to see and forever imprinted into the internet. How times have changed… I must’ve fallen off a pole (oh wait I’ve done that already). But Im believer (not Belieber although sidebar his music lately is pretty legit) in the power of high-waists. They could easily solve the worlds problems. They suck in all the unncesscesary bits and hide a mean multitude of sins. I haven’t done a flare since the 90’s I’m pretty sure, but rules are meant to be broken and I’m riding that 70’s boho trend right now. So I’m winning regardless.

Try something new this summer



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