Dusting off my keypad to write this post, I’m pretty surprised everything still works (disregarding my mind, the verdict is still out on that one). I have not only been completely MIA from the blog but I’ve been neglecting real life duties too (sorry not sorry). I have literally been living in a bubble in my favourite place, my solitude, my hiding place, Cape Town.

I’m pretty sure everyone at this point is going to be like….this girl doesn’t go anywhere except Cape Town…it’s my home away from home somewhat of a (quarterly) pilgrimage. Despite my many visits I’m doing this travel diary because:

1) I can’t get enough of this place
2) My friends are pretty legit for showing me all these NEW gems (I was probably excited about seeing the sea 99.1% of the time)
3) More bucket list activities to be added to your list and a few (unknowingly) added and simultaneously scratched off mine


I’ve taken up some real life jobs of late (real enough for my liking) and I thought before I put on those big girl panties that I perhaps need a holiday (because I may not have one anytime soon again) and I secretly or not so secretly needed to see my girls. If you follow my Snapchat (it’s queen_ofjozi for those buggers who haven’t followed me yet) then you already know how absolutely lit my holiday was and that my girls are just as bat crazy as I am, naturally. You may have also noticed a new guy friend in my life (mums the word on that one but let’s call him Mr. X for the sake of this blog post). As my snapchat friend you’ve lived with me through horrendously off-key carpool karaoke, wine drinking in plastic cups anytime, anywhere and selfies at rugby games we know nothing about! So for the most part you know how ridiculously fun this trip was!

Confession time: I have never hung out or stayed in the southern suburbs before it was completely unfamiliar to me. I didn’t even know how to get to any point from where I stayed, I relied on google maps and trusted friends to get me around ( thanks guys, you’re the best). It was so ridiculous that my friend literally drew a map for me (2 weeks after my arrival I might add, side eye Heloine) to help a sister out.


Staying in the southern suburbs naturally my friends gravitated to doing things on that side because it was easier. Which I loved because I didn’t do the same ol’ spots I’m used to, I mean I didn’t even get past Seapoint this time! I’m shocked!
One of my first trips round the south (sounds like the cool thing to say) was coastal from Muizenburg to: wherever the wind swept us. Because of roadworks we got stuck in traffic which was great because I just enjoyed the views of the little coastal towns winding around the mountainside. Taking in all the rich buildings & enjoying my ‘Love & other drugs’ playlist gave me a déjà Vusi feeling of a yesteryear I never got to experience. Eventually deciding to stop in Simons town for lunch because Mr. X eventhough driving, somehow noticed a restaurant on a balcony that obviously gave him a good vibe and we parked off for lunch. It’s called the Meeting place with a great view of the harbour. I highly recommend the seafood platter even though I ordered the seared tuna which in itself was amazing but the platter which I barely got to pick off, (side eye Mr. X ) was delicious! I also recommend taking a walk down to the harbour, it’s a great spot to ponder on life while overlooking the worn boats and picturesque views.


As I write I’m wondering if I shouldn’t perhaps do 2 travel posts because I have so many images to share and talk about and I’ve probaly lost you by now anyway. Nonetheless if you’re still reading, this was definitely a highlight for me…My friends decided to take me to Kalk bay while they heckled for freshly caught fish (apparently some of the best and I must admit my friend Dan knew how to make a mean fish dish) as we wondered around the Harbour and to the lighthouses edge. It was an assault on the senses, the fresh sea breeze, ladies trying to sell you the catch of the day, tourist bustling past you with their cameras in tow, fisherman going about their daily business and locals selling their delicacies. It was wonderful, I felt completely immersed in the culture for once, authentically so. Following that we took a few kilometers walk down to St. James beach (where all the colourful houses are, they’re empty I checked) and found tidal pools and walkways that completely took my breath away. It was magical. d6fc9650-01c3-439c-8d93-62d8f5df3ccf


Okay, it’s decided travel diary 2.0 will be up soon. I have so much more to share!

It’s SA fashion week and I’ll en shooting commercials too so I will have no time to post it anytime soon but expect it early next week! Follow my snapchat from tomorrow as I go to fashion week & bring you the scoop.