Craving some culture in the urban jungle? Rosebank Craft market can meet your needs! Let me set a mental image for you: you walk into the market, descend upon a staircase of vibrant African pop art and sink into a melting pot of hidden African gems. Beautiful pieces from all corners of the African continent line the stalls with interesting & delightful finds.


My passion being fashion I was particularly drawn to the over-the-top Ndebele jewelry. The neckpieces varied from dainty chokers to incredible pieces that wrap around your neck and fall as far as your waist in all of its primary colours glory.


As I am quite practical I loved that some of the art was very practical… the same beads used for the jewelry lined  bottles and spoons in intricate patterns and gorgeous tones. Always a great idea for gifting and it brings a bit of life to an otherwise mundane piece. Amongst other things were these giant feather pieces that fan out to create flower-esque type art pieces. These beautiful pieces could easily pass off as a headpiece for a carnival in Rio!


ba72d59c-72c7-40bb-acbd-b75071d2d9a0The variety of culture and craft is pretty impressive and I’m glad that as a native Joburger I now have somewhere to take my friends when I feel like flexing my cultural muscles or if I’m entertaining foreigners who want some uniquely African gifts.


I was lucky enough to catch-up with a Zimbabwean stall owner  and find about a bit more about his craft & life.

Moses is a Zimbabwean native who himself came from a mix of Zambian & Zimbabwean roots. He moved to South Africa post 1996 and has been working in Johannesburg as an artist for the past 16 years. He initially started crafting wire works but eventually switched over to acrylic paintings where he has found his passion.


He draws inspiration from the township life and the stories each person has to tell which is quite evident in his work which is expressive and depicts the everyday life in a Joburg township. His artwork ranges anyway between R250-R2000 dependant on size and skill. But because you are at a market, bargaining is key….so go with a sense of adventure & show off your haggling skills.


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