If I wasn’t a fashion blogger (besides all the other things I do) I’d want to be a travel photographer. I’ve travelled ever since I could remember…every December holiday as a child we made road trips to Cape Town, South Africa where I would to the annoyance of my immediate family ask the question, ‘are we there yet?!’ every few minutes (it’s a 12 hour drive). The best memories were those of bundling up on the floor on our makeshift beds and feeding the baboons on our drives around the coast.

Lucky for me I got to travel quite extensively before I turned 18, my dad wanted us to experience the world and all possibilities out there in hope that we would not settle for second best. And as that luck would have it my sister and aunt and uncle lived in London, so  I visited a few times and it became my favourite city, (that’s before I met New York of course).

One of coolest memories is doing a desert run with my family  with a bunch of 4x 4’s to Namibia, it was days of traveling and sleeping in the back of the truck on a foam mattress but when we would stop off in the middle of the desert and swim in water tanks in our underwear, naturally it made it all worth it. 

Africa is a great continent to explore from the beautiful white beaches and perfect warm waters of the Kenyan coast to the beauty of Zimbabwe and the sheer magic of Egypt (which feels far removed from Africa yet simply the same). I really would love to explore more countries on our beautiful continent I think it’s very misunderstood and perceived as just a place with famine and war yet we are so much more than that.

This then leads me to Europe, filled with memories I’ll treasure, the charm of Venice (where I nearly went to jail) thanks to my darling friends who naturally blamed everything on me, buggers! To the streets of Rome and Paris where all you want to do is eat and enjoy the simple things in life, sadly I was sick for all of my days in Florence but I trust I’ll go back again one day. I admired sophistication of Germany and the quaintness of Austria. 

But probaly the best holiday to date must be America (I know most people dont want to hear this) but the Americans sure know how to do everything over the top! When you’re actually a secret science geek like myself simulating flying a rocket and getting to experience zero gravity is pretty much one of the coolest things ever. I don’t care who knows it but I’m a 27 year who absolutely LOVES Disneyland, I got to experience Disneyworld and Universal studios in Orlando, Florida. THE HAPPIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD! Even though I nearly had heart failure on the tower of Terror (my eyes were closed for most of it except where you look over all of Disneyland before your drop of death) it’s still one of the best experiences of my life! And then there’s the mothership New York…what can I say…shoppers paradise! Not to mention one of the best vibes I’ve ever experienced in a city there was just a tangible electric feel and I want to go back for more! 

There are so many places I still want to explore and these Instagram accounts just light my fire and inspire me to aim for more beautiful moments in life!  Here’s a round up of my most inspiring Instagram travel accounts! 



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