Finally, I feel like I’m back in my groove…after a week of back-to- back meetings/commercials/fashion-week in Jozi post holiday and then a huge slump of absolutely nothing. I literally had withdrawals from not working for a few days…

something I never thought I would say. But I seem to have found my flow again (thank goodness) and have become pro-active. In pro-active I mean writing this blog post as I’m being driven around Jozi to meetings (I feel important I won’t lie even if it’s just an über). It’s a far cry from last weeks emailing from bed because I couldn’t get myself out of it.

Needless to say I hate the thought of winter creeping up on us…I never want to buy winter clothing because I feel like it’s going to pass in a month. Very wishful thinking. And autumn is just as irritations to me, it’s one of those so what do I wear today sort of odd experiences in life. Have you ever observed autumn dressing while sitting in a mall or at your job? There are two kinds of people:

1)Never letting summer go – this person does not grasp the concept that summer has departed and that perhaps we should explore the theme ‘transitional dressing’

How to spot this person: usually roaming the streets in a sun dress, shorts, flash tats, crop tops or sandals.


2) Overly keen for winter – this person completely missed the memo that autumn is before winter and not directly after summer. I’m pretty sure this either is really keen to freeze their bits off or they’ve bought their winter wardrobe during sale season and is super keen to everything all at once (side eye)

How to spot this person: it’s very simple, this person has on everything winter related all at once and it’s definitely warmer than 20 degrees Celsius outside. Keen or nah?


So I’m actively pursuing an autumn/winter wardrobe to be proud of…I’m having a few things made by a super star friend of mine, I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve come up with. In the meantime I’m using my what’s in my wardrobe and finding new ways to wear them.

So these boots I bought last year but refused to wear them with skirts because I thought it a ‘weird length’ but loved the peep toe and suede (oh yes I’m a very fussy boot buyer) so you will be seeing them on high rotation. This suede dress is a great transitional piece (because suede) and a jacket thrown over shoulder like cape.



So all I ask if that we think about what person we are 1 or 2 and then think about how we can become the person in between this for autumn 🙂