I’m writing this post 30000 feet above ground, on a flight to The mother city, my second home. To be honest I was going to talk about this TASSLE skirt,
(I only did this post because I wore this to outfit fashion week, sans the sneakers, add some jewelry and people asked me where I got this ‘dress’). So here’s the post I promised ladies, but I’d like to talk about something else, if you’d allow me…image

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve flown between Johannesburg & Cape Town over the past 10 years they should have a ‘frequent Bronwyn flyer’ option. But everytime I sit here and look out the window to the terrain, crop circles, merky-looking rivers winding through what looks like patterns that have been painted in a palette of browns & moss I have felt a different emotion every flight ranging from the highest highs to extreme lows to sometimes in-between.

Cape Town holds dual feelings for me…either I’m going on holiday or I’m going home. Mostly it would be worried-induced emotions because I had been returning from a break at my actual home in Jozi and heading back to looming exams because I studied at Maties. But sometimes it would be because I had a boy drama as we do when we are young and naive. But other times I would be filled with excitement because I was heading to a holiday, ready to all things touristy, drink vino and dance all night. Sometimes it was just because I wanted to beach bum all day and not get judged for my lazy behavior because 1. it’s summer and 2. I’m allowed to tan and be fabulous, thank you.



This flight had me feeling emotionless. No that’s not it…unexpectant (is that a word?) oh well, thats how I feel, (Sidenote this is my fourth holiday to Cape Town this year I may have attachment issues, don’t judge). I’m just ebbing and flowing between I need and want to breakway. It’s been a juxtaposition of a year for me…successful and failing in my personal & professional life. I could not wait for December to runaway from these Jozi streets because if you live here you would understand how awful and eerie it becomes. I needed it now. So 12 hours before this flight I booked the ticket, packed a bag and decided I’m out of here, thanks. So here I am merely an hour from touchdown and I’m reflecting on the ups & downs of life. I know I’ll return to Jozi (whenever that maybe, I booked a one-way ticket) I return not the same, but like the Phoenix, she shall rise (I’m allowed to talk about myself I’m the third person, taking liberties).

So the captain has called for seatbelts to be secured and announced our descent, let me go and do something for my soul…drink, dance, laugh so loud, it hurts and love life. Here’s to you Cape Town!

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Skirt: Mr.Price

Shirt: 32 Clothing

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Photography by: @72_photography

Edited by: Elijah Semosa