Will find sensible boyfriend and stop forming romantic attachments to the following: alcoholic, workaholics, commitment phobics, peeping toms, megalomaniacs, emotional fuckwits or perverts…’ ~ Bridget Jones

Who can believe that it’s been 15 years since Bridget graced our screens with her strong opinions, multiple men drama & completely relatable body type. She was the original and paved the way for people I now relate to; Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling and even the likes of Mary Jane (although hopefully at Mary Janes age I’ve been through the messy bits and have my life somewhat together).

When I first watched Bridget as a teenager I thought she was a hot mess that didn’t have a clue…but the older I get the more Bridget I become. Granny panties, 28 and unmarried and employing wine for those nights I refuse to adult. But the truth of the matter is that most of us are Bridget to varying degrees, we all struggle with an area in our life that we foresaw happening differently and just have to deal with it.

For me there are a host of things but one in particular is my body issues…I honestly could not believe that Bridget had a bevy of men after her (simply because my idea of beauty was tainted) and it made me question their sanity or perhaps put it down to the movie taking liberties. I had an idea in my mind that men only wanted the cookie cutter model who sidenote would never even touch a cookie (which is already an issue because life is here to be enjoyed). But as I’ve grown older I’m learning the complexity of relationships and men in general. (Disclaimer: you do not need a man to validate your body, it was just the thinking of a young and naive adult).

I’ve also learnt that I’m a catch. Yes I said it. I have a great education, I created a business out of nothing, I’m somewhat funny, I’m a kind & sensitive human being, I actually HAVE a personality and yes when some makeup and hair is employed I’m not too shabby to look at. Despite my weird tiny teeth, my permanent 3-month pregnant looking belly & the hate I have for my ethnic hair, I had to be like ‘hey! You’re the full package and anyone would be damn lucky to have you.’

Even when I look at myself in this outfit that I so desperately wanted even though I knew it was not made for my extra large boob to body ratio, I refused to care about my body issues, I wear it and love it despite me looking in the mirror and thinking ‘what happened to my legs, why are resembling feta cheese?’ My legs used to be the only part of my body I found decent. Or say stupid things like, ‘Bronwyn when did you get floppy arms you look like big birds floppy cousin’.

As I sit at the edge of reason of my short-life I realise that I’d want to be no one but the Bridget I am and that all my quirks make me completely unique, that nobody will ever be me. We can’t deny the Bridget in us any longer, she forged a movement and made us love who we truly are. We will never be the sex-kitten the media is obsessed with and do not have to fall victim to some unrealistic goal set by someone who themselves probably have flashes of Bridget in them. Long love Bridget Jones, carbs, vodka and figuring out your life in your own time.



Photography by: Lauren Mulligan @blahgrapher 

Makeup: Ellenor Ndlovu @MakeupByEllenor

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