So as all of my regular readers know I’m a bit comfort obsessed. I don’t think I quite fully comprehend the ‘suffer for beauty’ saying unless it comes to my hair of course (which is a whole blogpost itself about how thick & dry it is). If you catch me on any normal day I’m in flats of some sort and lately it’s been these Maxed trainers. I just love the colour contrast, sidenote: I will wear these same trainers to the gym and a meeting and an event and,and,and. It’s bad I know. But anyway they call that sports luxe right?

These blue heels for years now & quite honestly never wear them, I bought them in high school in case I ‘get an office job’ they are incredibly comfortable you’ll never know you’re wearing heels.

This outfit is quite versatile as you can go from a trendy, casual day look to a ‘drinks after work’ outfit by slipping on a pair of heels. You can even keep a pair of heels in the car like I do and if you wear this outfit on a weekend you can slip them on if you have to meet up with friends the evening. The coat glamorizes the outfit and the boyfriend jeans made it look like you didn’t make much effort but still look cool.

Photographed by: Alicia Thompson

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Coat: Zara
Top: Lambley
Jeans: Jahaan
Trainers: Mr. Price sport
Heels: SP Boutique
Bag: Zoom