Are you going to adopt this trend? Wait, before you answer forget the all those dreaded 90’s memories that Carrie Bradshaw and Monica from our fav 90’s sitcoms wore. Okay! Now? You feel better about it? Well I have a few good reasons to try and persuade you that these aren’t the worst thing to hit the fashion world. I look forward to their discomfort and the click-clack sound that they will indubitably make when I walk, well sort of. I anticipate wearing them with denim cut offs this summer and with white skinny pants and also maybe with dresses or maybe not I’m more of a ‘obnoxiously short skirt kinda girl’.

Either way I’ve got myself a really nice white leather pair, hoping to grow my collection as summer rolls around…

Here’s a few ways to rock this look effortlessly, either pretty summer frocks while you sip on margaritas on the bay or a cool, casual Saturday afternoon outfit to Neighbourgoods. I definitely think you should cop this look, what do you think?