I really do admire those coupon queens in America who literally buy trolleys of food for next t nothing. I think I’d feel bad but on the other hand, have you seen the petrol price? That said, I do love a good deal because being a saving be is hella cute. I regularly catch up with friends at a cute new spot or just a coffee somewhere convenient for us both, so to my delight  the Entertainer have added a bunch of new deals to the app and I am SO here for it all.

Okay, listen u boss babes in the Jozi and Pretoria area ENTERTAINER app along with Cosmopolitan have launched an exclusive app, tailored just for you filled with a bunch of beauty, fitness, and foodie offers. Insert m being such a liker of thing. And the best part is that it’s completely FREE so you can live your best life, and save while you’re at it.


I promise I promise I will give the the entire 411 on the how-to download…but here’s a few ideas of what you can expect to find…


We’ve included offers for everything from head to toe. So you can get a fresh cut from Bijan Hair Boutique, treat your skin to a facial at Soulstice Day Spa, and refresh your nails with a mani or pedi from Placecol. Throw in a massage at Sandton Sun Spa, and you have a full pamper day.

Anyone for 50% off a yoga sesh at Hotpod, or 50% off of boxing at TopBox!

Even for the low-key high-key like myself will be covered cool spots like Artisan, Good luck club have been included.

One of my favourite things to do is laugh and I get my medicine at places like Parker’s Comedy & Jive or get my creative juices flowing with an evening with a girl night out at Park Cafe Paint Night, there are some amazing things you can do. And you’ll save you few bucks.

Oky, so this is the 411 on how to get it all:

All you have to do is follow these simple steps to unlock your FREE Cosmopolitan SA x ENTERTAINER App:

  1. Tap on the link
  2. Register on the website
  3. Use COSMOJHB VIP Key to unlock the App
  4. Download the rewards ENTERTAINER App
  5. Log in
  6. Start saving!