Its a little bit embarrassing, I must admit…but I hardly spoil my dad for Father’s Day. But seriously not. Like. Ever. (I maybe shouldn’t have admitted that to thousands of people I don’t know) but
There are 2 reasons for this:

1) His just going to tell me he doesn’t want anything and doesn’t want to make a fuss about himself
2) Father’s Day is never quite as hyped up as Mother’s Day

But for me my dad is my rock, he is ALWAYS there for me…he doesnt waver when I ask him to help me. I know he is the one person I can always rely on when I’m in a sticky situation.He is seriously the dopest, he knows the words to Ushers songs and buys me ridiculously expensive shoes and only complains afterwards.


So it really is quite appalling of me not to do anything for him on his special day so this year I’m hoping to change that, I haven’t exactly figured out what that is going to be just yet but I’m pretty sure I’ll think of something. A father/daughter relationship is a special bond, I only have the fondest memories growing up. But even now in my late (coughs) twenties he still treats me like I’m 12 years old (my sister can totally relate to this) he only somewhat backed off once she got married.


I just laugh about it now but it was really annoying getting a phone call asking when you’re coming home & you are 16 years old at the ‘hot guys’ house party. He only calls me about 5 times a day now (which trust me, is a great improvement)…Just to say nothing really. It sometimes feels like I called him because his waiting for me to say something while I wait for him to say what he called about. On any given day he will me really dry jokes and then laughs at them (no he doesn’t wait for me to laugh at the joke first). Or the worst – the ‘okay’ text when he asks me where I am. He drives me insane sometimes with his over-protective nature but I know how much he loves me so I’ve just come to laugh at the insanity that is my life.

So I really want to spoil him this weekend because I need to make up for all the money his spent on calling me to make sure I’m home safe! And I think that you should spoil your father, husband, baby daddy, brother, uncle or just a friend this Father’s Day! Men are amazing and we don’t celebrate them (let’s be honest we’re always celebrating ourselves). I’m all for girl power but they deserve a pamper session now and then too!


The Red Door offers some incredible massages, facials, waxing, manicures all aimed at men. When I visit the spa I’ll find at least a man or 2 getting something done. Most men seem to be moving into the realm of taking care of themselves aesthetically and I find it so refreshing!
So be an amazing wife, daughter, sister, baby mama or friend and spoil that special father this weekend and get them a spa treat!

-The Red Door Full Body Scrub & massage treatment
-Solal hydrating facial & eye are treatment & Express pedicure (or manicure).
– Total treatment time is 120 minutes


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