What is more unlikely? You asking your friend who ‘works in the industry’ where to go for dinner or you googling ‘places to go for dinner?’ I’m assuming you’re doing the latter. It is safe to say not only as a millennial (because my parents are glued to their phones) that we all use our phones for practically everything in life. And I mean everything…having food delivered to our doorsteps, shoe shopping, booking flights, tracking your pregnancy (no seriously it’s a thing) or just talking a selfie. So attending the launch of a new app that allows me to most of these things at a discount, best believe I was there.

Not as to be bias, I had never used this app before, I had heard of it yes, but never believed the hype, because these sort of things come and go. Let’s just say I’m a believer now.

The best events are always the ones you remember more than 2 days after you attended them, to be honest I go to so many I am mostly indifferent unles it;

  1. blew my mind,
  2. was terrible or
  3. I had an insane amount of fun.

Well at the Entertainer 2018 launch set at Parkers Comedy club, left me in fits of laughter. Mostly because I was the butt of the jokes because of a rather naughty old British comedian, who was that guy and picked on me as part of his set, I had barely said my name when my voice became his ‘material’. Apparently its hella seductive, so why am I then, knowing this information, not married yet ya’ll?! (these are important questions we need to ask ourselves).unnamed (30)

Back to the app…it’s set with loads of great features, It’s really simple to use and has a variety of offers to choose from with new merchants are added every month. You can share the offers by sharing the app with family and friends.

How it works:

Download app & sign up then follow these steps & you and your bae land up paying for one meal. I mean, cheap dating 101. Winning.

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Sidebar: for avid travellers like me there are over 500 hotels worldwide to choose from. No seriously guys, I’m already planning the next holiday in my head (mimosa in hand).unnamed (31)

Early bird special only R295 as opposed to R495!!! GET ON IT YA’LL!

Download it here