It feels like a lifetime since we last spoke or I spoke to you…my reader that is. My life has literally done a 180 on me so I was just living in the moment and enjoying every minute of it. So no ridiculous tinder stories to tell you or in depth conversations about what life has taught me on the blog today, sorry. I won’t bore you with how incredibly happy I am either, that’s quite boring too, no?

What I can tell you is what I’ve been winning at in life but also what I’ve been epically failing at (because you know I’m about extremes) in 2016 so far…
In the (sort of) words of Aaliyah ‘If at first you don’t succeed (insert January failed attempts at New Year’s resolutions) then dust yourself off and try again (insert January 2.0 eg. February let’s try this 2016 thing again)’.


#Winning at:
1) At life in general. Boom.

2) At playlists (mostly thanks to Heloine for introducing me to situational playlists) currently on the ‘I’m annoyingly happy right now’ playlist:
Adventure of a lifetime – Coldplay
Matrimony – Wale
Cheap thrills – Sia
Hymm for the weekend – Coldplay ft. Beyonce
Work – Rihanna ft. Drake
Roses – Chainsmokers ft. Rozes
Middle – DJ Snake

3) At buying A LOT of basics and neutrals that I can reuse in a million different ways eg. The longer length grey top I’m wearing as a dress in this post (because I pretty much don’t like wearing pants) I also wear with jeans, a heel and statement neckpiece if I want to take it up a notch

4) Friendships – Squad goals reached & Relationship goals met. Boom.

#Epicallyfailing at:
1) Saving money for my travels this year and with the rand epically failing at the euro too at this point I’m in double trouble (praying for some exchange rate relief)

2) Following up on my last epic fail, it’s because I’m spending money on clothes, to my defense t was my moms 60th recently (which in itself was pretty epic) and I needed something cute for my ‘out of season body’ (thank you Kaira for the great analogy) because none of my potential party outfits would zip up or they made me look like a squeezed into my 13 year old cousins clothing because #desperatetimes. Anyone who follows my Snapchat knows the struggle that was had…

3) Not following my eating plan for Laylaa and I’s #2016BodyGoals…oh well, there’s always Monday right? #thighgap #2packbecause6isunrealistic

Reading this post back to myself, I may actually not be doing too badly at this life thing after all? I’ve got a good feeling about this year…Hello 2016!

Photography by: @fowziasphotography

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