MakeupbyElleonor and Forevermine collaborated to launch a new catalogue for the jewelry line, now including bags and accessories.

I was not really stoked about standing in last minute as a ‘model’ of course suggested by Ellenor (why she had so much faith in me I don’t know). Must be because she knows she is magic with that makeup brush. Look I know what you’re thinking, you pose all day for your blogposts, yes this is true but beauty shots are different you’re completely reliant on your face and THAT is not a comforting thought. I mean I’m like every girl, we have insecurities mine just span a wider range but beauty is not my strong point. I have a prominent Jewish nose, full lips, I don’t like my ears (I have no reason why) the list is endless, really. But we all have to get over ourselves and that’s exactly what I did.

Needless to say I had no idea how to prepare, so I exfoliated my face the night before, (probaly with a body scrub, eeek I know) and moisturized the next morning with possibly everything I could find from gifts I’ve received for facial use. I’m not very big on beauty routines, can you tell? And because of this fact, I always have my eyebrows threaded, always, even of I’m not wearing makeup which is almost everyday at least my eyebrows look good, well-shaped, groomed eyebrows change your face completely. Trust me women with bad eyebrows, get them done, you’ll thank me later.

Anyway here are a few of my favourite shots:

Makeup: MakeupByEllenor
For bookings:

Jewelry: Forevermine
Instagram: Forevermine_jewelry

Photgraphy: Nadia Omar