So there is this thing about my aunt…she is a fitness freak (by freak I mean up at 4am to go to gym, runs marathons kinda freak). Unlike myself. Or perhaps not really, I love working out. It is sort of embarrassing when you go to the beach with your aunt and the guys are looking at her and not you, ha! But it’s a great thing because she finds amazing trainers like Blake.unnamed

Blake has pretty impressive CV coming from a rugby and athletics background he definitely understands conditioning. Currently he runs Optimal fitness and lifestyle, a mobile gym for clients who want to train at home and co-owns a functional training gym. He also owns Lionsheart Athletics that offers high-end conditioning training at schools and universities.  unnamed-8


I’m a pretty tough cookie (or so I thought), I mean I’ve done pole and thought that there isn’t any workout that could possible be harder… until Blake rolled up in my life. I hadn’t worked out for a month and after a session with Blake on Saturday I basically felt like early stages of rigo mortis, it was my punishment for being lazy. But his workouts are functional and dynamic which I love and I’ve literally never done the same workout with him twice, so I am never bored.unnamed-4

I think the best thing about training with him is that we do really challenging drills because they’re mainly focused around athletes (think Wayde the Dreamer), he has quite an impressive variety of high quality athletes on his books. My favourite drills have to be the pull-ups, rope climbing and sprints with the parachutes. It’s not your everyday run of the mill training…this is hardcore meets change your life kind of stuff.


What makes Blake different? He focuses on YOUR individual needs, he has realized that I hate running and therefore pushes me in that area so that  I get stronger. He has me running everyday now, even if its just 2km

He really is invested in every person, he even went on a diet with one of his clients and would call her just to make her feel like she wasn’t doing this alone. What a legend!



Whether you need your body whipped into shape for summer or you’re a serious athlete, Blakes the guy for you… also its entertaining to come see me squirm!

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Blake Dismore: 0829610997