Over the next 3-days I’m doing a traditional african prints challenging by wearing them my own way. Each day I will feature a different print & style. South Africa includes a variety of cultures & ethnicities, these prints are colourful & unique to specific groups. As a country we’ve just celebrated 20 years of freedom last month & we’ve progressed in many different ways even though we still have a long way to go in certain aspects, our style has evolved tremendously. I love in Johannesburg the economic hub of SA, it’s a melting pot of cultures & people. This week we will be voting & it’s a quite a talking point since the 1994 elections that brought our country into a democratic government headed by the late Nelson Mandela. It’s a historic week for us and I’ll be celebrating with my posts showcasing the beautiful city & the modern women who live in it. The garments I’m wearing are supplied by Burgundyfly, an exclusively South African designers boutique focused on the modern women living in the concrete jungle which is why their designs resonate with me.

Photographed by: Alicia Thompson
Dress: Otiz at Burgundy fly

Contact Burgundyfly:

082 903 7570
Stores: Maponya mall, Soweto
The Zone @ Rosebank