Welcome to my new blog! I’ve been bursting with excitement like a bubbaloo oozing gooey happiness from the inside…waiting to share this with you. I have had withdrawal symptoms not writing posts this past month it’s become like Zara’s shoes on sale (I have to have it).

This new site has become my baby of sorts and birthing it has been a technically challenging (for me, of course) but fun experience. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while now but I’ve just been putting it off because I know what I wanted and what I want always costs more than it should. So with a mixture of procrastination & saving money (which I haven’t quite mastered yet) things never seemed to happen. Little did I know in the background my amazingly awesome every-needs-one-of-him-just-not-my-one boyfriend was scheming behind my back with my graphic designer, Nicole to surprise me for my birthday.

What I failed to mention was that I’m that girl that shakes her presents under the Christmas tree. I chalk it up to the excuse that I hate surprises which is a lie because I secretly love them & my boyfriend does them so well because he doesn’t allow me to nose around and can be such a poker face (which I kinda love about him). So you can imagine the frustration running up to birthdays or Christmas I so badly want to know what I’m getting. I know I’m such a nag but he puts up with me nonetheless. I tried everything to know what he got me this year, even checking his wardrobe and car for clues, but alas. Nothing.

It’s definitely one the best birthday gifts (next to trips overseas) that I’ve ever received. It was thoughtful, out of the box and something I really wanted but never expected to get. So shoutout to you Babe & thank you Nicole for putting up with the hundreds of emails exchanged.

Here’s to a new chapter doing something I love, in a space I now love, hoping to grow & share the love!

Thank you to all my readers for your support, I hope you enjoy this new space as much as I do as I share different aspects of my life in this new intriguing and interactive space. Please enjoy this journey with me…

Photography by: Lana Britton
Makeup: Ellenor Ndlovu – MakeupbyEllenor

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