Aaaah my darling dearest you say you don’t like sleeping in the bush, come here let me give you a hug. And a glass of champagne. You say you can’t stand being  in a tent in a sleeping bag while you wonder what’s creeping past you? Never you mind I’m here help a sister out, you can thank me later.  

Last week was a bit savage but luckily I got to break away with with my girl to the bush. Science shows that spending time in nature actually has a physiological effect on the body, reducing blood pressure and hormone cortisol which is linked with stress. Yes, I’m basically your personal doctor, you’re welcome. Also I have to note that we’re not exactly your bundu bashing kinda girls, we’re about that city life so we needed a game plan here…and the answer was obviously GLAMPING!qw qe

Glamping = Glamour + Camping

We went to Marakele National Park in the heart of the Waterberg mountains (duh because dope pictures on mountain tops) about 3 hours north of Jozi. I would suggest travelling with a 4×4 but if you dont have one no worries! It also houses impressive wildlife and of course the Big 5. qq

Glamping 101:

  1. Get off the ground, sleeping on the floor is SO not fit for a queen, choose a safari tent or a river cabin like we did. Marakele national park had a few great options ;
  2. Bring touches from home, your fluffy gown, your most comfortable uggs or like me in true curly girl style my satin pillowcase (my naturalistas know why)
  3. Pack smart, always pack warm clothes as temperatures drop at night, thick socks for those cute bush walks & outfits to slay the gram. Think dope sneakers and hoodies, athleisure is the key here, no heels please slay queens!qq10
  4. Set that mood boo! Lanterns for that sexy light (obvs no real candles because we not out here to start a fire)
  5. Bring table settings to turn any picnic into a Martha Stewart worthy situation!
  6. Girl, if you don’t know about Woolworths premade meals, are you even a women after my own heart? Buy all premade food or stuff you can put together on the braai that’s no fuss, we don’t waste our energy on hard labour darling! q2
  7. It is all about the experiences you have, so make sure all devices are fully charged and ready to make your Instagram look fiyaaaa. Because after all if it’s not on the gram did I even happen?! Ha!q9

A bush break is great for anytime of the year our safari tent was kitted out with aircons & extra blankets for our comfort. No roughing it here! The only thing you need to worry about is getting a better tan than the crocodiles lying on the riverbed.
Bush breaks are good for:

Families with kids – the Big 5, bush walks, places to cycle, camping sites

Couples – this is self-explanatory, toasty fires, champagne breakfasts and him showing off his masculinity by removing the locus chilling on the shower handle

Girls weekend – think 30 seconds, old school playlists, braais and getting all your daily fitbit steps in on your bush walks

PS. If you’re dating or married to a bit of an anti-social, studies show that being outdoor spaces increases social interaction, our level of social interaction with others is also an important factor in your mental health. Listen it may be a bit late for some of you but for everyone else, get packing there’s still hope!

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