So the last 4 weeks have been great for my body okay let me be honest with myself…3 weeks because last week I was down with the flu. Which completely irritated me not because I couldn’t taste my food or could hardly breathe but because it set me back an entire week with my training schedule and of course my healthy eating went to pot. But I’ve been consistent with Freshpak ice tea and it’s been great but I’ve discovered a secret…

Freshpak Rooibos Green tea. I everyone swears by green tea nowadays BUT imagine combining it with Rooibos! Instant super drink..collab of Rooibos and green tea, BOOM ultimate health drink.

I do not do green teas…I like things to taste nice not to taste healthy (you know what I mean) but this freshpak combo of Rooibos and green rocks my world…no sugar required and it does not taste bitter at all. I’ve converted the masses in my family already, even the non-tea drinkers.

I’m placing no pressure on myself to lose weight by a certain date or to be ‘this’ skinny, no. I want to be the best version of myself, healthy, fit, happy. Luckily I’m lazy that means I looks for shortcuts always…anything to help speed up the process to get me to where I want to go…and I’ve read that green tea helps boost my metabolism and increases fat-burning short-term, so post-workout It’s my go to drink because all benefits cannot hurt. It’s also valuable before workouts because apparently green tea also helps improve your physical performance.

But I’m just too busy I cannot do those things to myself anymore.
So my plan of action is;
consume whatever is good for me,
in reasonable proportion,
using my discretion
and not restricting myself if I have a craving.

Also on this health tip both my granny & ouma had/has Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s (neurodegenerative diseases) so you understand my dilemma when it comes to my future as per genetics (I have a degree with this as a major you can trust me, if not google is your friend) is a real thing in life. So anything I can do now to slow down the deteriation you best believe, I’m researching. And green tea contains bioactive compounds with various protective effects that reduce the risk of getting either disorders. So it’s safe to say I’m about this life…

To help keep us healthy & looking our best this summer FRESHPAK will be giving away a FRESHPAK HAMPER filled with the no.1 Green Rooibos tea!
A R1000 Tonic Sportwear voucher

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