And the gifts keep on giving here on the blog, what’s a birthday celebration without snacks?! It’s not! So Bakers® & Willards® have decided to spoil you so that you can have a party on your own!

Bakers® & Willards® have been a household name for me as long as I can remember there has always been something in the goodie cupboard because of them. My mom being obsessed with the Jumpin Jacks meant our house was permanently stocked with some tasty flavour or another ready for impromptu movie nights. And when you’re rushed in the mornings because life happens, the tasty Good Morning breakfast biscuits are the business, they’re a delicious NEW product that Bakers® makes and provides an energy boost so you’re not dragging yourself into work like you wish you had never gone.

For me the best thing about their snacks is that we all love them, no matter our diverse backgrounds in this colourful nation. No matter what households you visit with a baby post 6 months (unless you’re Madonna or Gwyneth feeding your kids gluten/vegan/fun free everything) – you know what Cheese curls are. What mom do you know whose baby has just hit solids and they’re not feeding them those tasty Cheese curls?

What are those late-night study sessions without snacks? I remember ploughing through a packet of Salticrax a night because the stress levels were real. I love them any house warming or game night they’re the easiest to whip out and do some fancy canapés, brownie points with the potential in-laws, done.
The more we’re different the more we’re all actually exactly the same and that’s what I love about food it brings people together.


So in order to bring us all together I will be giving away:

4 Bakers® & Willards® HAMPERS

packed with NEW exciting products but also the CLASSICS we all grew up on!

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