I would never really admit this…but I do get sick of the prodigious Johannesburg malls. The end of month chaos, fighting for a parking spot, sale worthy queues, the stress levels are just not worth it. So now and again I like to explore my options, especially if there’s a sunset involved, good sunsets are probably one of the easiest ways to bribe me.

I recently discovered just that…a perfect sunset spot. So imagine ample parking spots, open plan restaurants with a great view of the sunset and new interesting food to try. Kyalami corner has the the American strip mall kind of vibe with its easy accessibility but feels like you haven’t stepped out of Sandton with its modern finishes. I don’t know about you but that’s exactly what I search for when I need to get away from the typical mall scenario. May I add its only 10 minutes from home, bonus, thanks life.unnamed (34)

I love eating, theres no real foodie in me, I’m actually quite fussy when it comes to food which my friends will gladly point out. Back to the point, I have to try food spots irrespective of whether it’s an epic or fail. The bbq Workshop was no exception, it caught my attention because its an open plan kitchen with actual coal stoves reminiscent of the big black coal stove my grandparents had in their kitchen growing up. We tried quite a few items on the menu and I couldn’t finish everything (Wisaal would not be proud) but here are a few of my faves and must-try items.unnamed (33)

The cheeseballs with sweet chilli sauce was the best possible gooey food I’ve had in a long time, the mango smoothie was summer time in a glass, fresh, tasty and delicious. And of course you cannot go a bbq Workshop and not have the bbq. A newbie on the menu, Greek Style Lamb Chops is definite must try. BUT can we just talk about dessert. Yes, dessert. I need to emphasize that I am not a sweet tooth BUT this was absolutely ahhhmazing. Firstly I have talk about the gelato, I had the peanut flavour (and if you remember from my instastories is loved by all including the 3-year old who stole mine). However the pièce de résistance for me were the famous Vaflaki mini waffles. They are drizzled in praline chocolate deliciousness. The thing about these waffles is the light and fluffiness, they practically melt in your mouth.unnamed (35)

Yip, new hangout spot loading…