It’s freezing yet sunny folks, hello Winter in Jozi! You have greeted us with a flu that left us holding on for dear life, inappropriate see-through tights as pants and a whole lot of ‘maybe I’m wearing a bra today maybe I’m not’. (Sidenote: that rule doesn’t apply to me, I need extra strength to hoist these up). The best part about winter for me has to be the get up and go effect, throw on an oversized jersey and BOOM there you go…never knowing what lies beneath. Do I have on what I slept with underneath, who knows?
I like the illusive ‘up and go’ where everyday is an early Sunday morning run to the store in your PJs and coat hoping no one will see you kinda life. But you just do it better. Add some leather joggers or skirt and there you go looking like a cool kid. What was life before oversized jerseys? You cling to them like you’re still wrapped up in bed and hide all your winter-not-so-wonderful underneath. It’s a perfect combination of comfortability, practicality and this season…style.
Photography: Lana Britton

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Jersey: Gap at 32 Clothing

Skirt: Mr. Price

Socks: Topshop

Mule: Edgars