I remember the exact moment I got my first Nespresso machine (and yes, maybe it’s because George Clooney is about as gorgeous as the smell of coffee in the morning) , it wasn’t because I knew anything about different intensities or flavours but because most of the people in my life were absolutely obsessed with Nespresso. And being the gracious host that I am got one for everyone who comes to visit me and refused to drink anything else.

At first I thought my friends were being fussy until I really tasted and experienced the different flavour and intensities. I started off drinking only the caramelito or vanilio flavours because they’re sweeter and a milder palate. I definitely enjoy my coffee not as intense.

But because its summertime I’m less inclined to have hot drinks, I visited the dope  Nespresso on ice  van this past Sunday at the Fourways Farmers market where anyone could get their complimentary iced coffees. (FYI: The van will be travelling to different locations between Cape Town and Joburg.)

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Nespresso, has launched 2 limited edition pods Leggero and Intenso,  especially crafted for iced coffee, Nespresso on Ice.

Leggero on Ice offers delicate fruity and lemon notes with lingering aromatics and a full bodied, smooth texture. If paired with milk to create a Leggero on Ice Macchiato, it develops toasted notes and a more milky and sweet flavour. unnamed (72)

Intenso on Ice is a bold coffee with cereal and cocoa notes and an intense, roasted finish. If prepared as an Intenso on Ice Macchiato, it has a smooth and creamy texture with biscuit notes.

I think one of the coolest ideas is that the pods can now be recycled. You can now recycle your used Nespresso podsunnamed (74).


Nespresso on ice is available at the following Nespresso Boutiques

In Cape Town at the V & A Waterfront and in the Canal Walk Shopping Centre

and in Johannesburg at Sandton City and Hyde Park Shopping Centre. They have implemented a recycling system, tailored to the recycling processes and logistics in South Africa where Nespresso used capsules cannot be recycled via traditional waste collection and recycling systems

You can find the different spots to find the Nespresso on ice van here: www.nespresso-on-ice.co.za

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