Spring has officially sprung in Mzansi, this being said the gyms are officially packed and we all have to adhere to the 20min time limit again. Which naturally for me means less gym time and more attempts at healthy eating. I’m am currently on another oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-handle-my-body tip. You know the usual struggle.

It’s tough having an unpredictable schedule like mine so I like to find easy but healthy options to keep my eating in check, so I’m happy Freshpak have released 2 new flavours for summer and I’m obsessed with them, Watermelon & mint and pomegranate & cranberry.

I’ve never been the healthiest person ever because I have ZERO willpower but I’m anxious to be bikini body ready this year! I’m tired of complaining about my body and not actually doing anything about it. So I’ve been running (to avoid the eager gym crowds) & poling I only wear Tonic Sportswear now because, best.

And on the diet front a healthier alternative to sodas and sugar-loaded juice (because I drink most of my calories) I’ve added tea as a great substitute. I don’t like just drinking water because that gets boring and then I crave sugary treats. I mix the flavours and depending on my mood or the heat wave hitting Jozi I make ice tea. Tea is versatile like that which makes it great for summer parties where you can offer your friends healthier options that aren’t going to make them want to leave your party early, because snooze fest.

Anything guilt-free and amazingly great for my body, yes please. Freshpak Rooibos is caffeine free so I don’t have the highs and lows (life’s hectic enough, thanks) but it’s also loaded with natural minerals and polyphenols too which promote better health. And for all of us who did not receive the lottery in genes the natural antioxidants in tea protect your skin cells from cell damage.


To help keep us healthy & looking our best this summer FRESHPAK will be giving away a FRESHPAK HAMPER filled with this summers hottest (no pun intended) tea!
R1000 gift voucher to purchase from Tonic South Africa (luxury sportswear)

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