Its fashion Friday on the blog and you know I’m about to bring you something special because your girl Bronny has got your back. Talking about Bronny from the Block (allow me to be great) I have a new block I’m currently in my feels about, but I’ll get back to this.
Besides the amazing events I attend and the dope brands I get to work with, my life is pretty normal. I hardly wear makeup and I have to do my own washing (real life guys). My home is very modest and my bed can only fit about 1 and a half people at most. But there are those days I imagine my life riding drop tops and chasing thrills. And of course what would my imaginary drop top be without a house on the hills because… views. Pretty much sounds like a rap video, but if Cardi B can come out of obscurity to become a superstar, surely this Jozi girl can dream, right?
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As much as we all think that people live these lavish lives according to Instagram (lies most of you tell) Bedford centre may actually allow you to be THAT rich kid of social media. Bedford centre is about to make shopping centre history by giving away a R13 million penthouse, no I did not stutter, no this is not a test, no there is no catch. Yes this could be your life, yes I’d like you to invite me over for a swim (don’t be shady) best believe I would look cute in a penthouse with a bed big enough to sleep at least 2 people. Hashtag  Life at the top.
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I haven’t brought you a competition in a while but I do think that this one is worth the wait…you can turn your everyday shopping into a chance to win a penthouse worth more than my current life goals.  All you have to do is spend R750 or more at Bedford centre which if you think about it practically is not a lot, think grocery shopping or buying some new sneakers, totally sounds better right? Over the next 10 months you can be entered into a monthly draw where you can WIN THE PENTHOUSE!image (3)

For all competition details: Bedford centre

Photography: @all_tim_shot