I’ve been putting off writing this post long enough…I’ve really been busy and exhausted but also because I don’t really know how to put into words how I felt about the experience. Croatia has been a recent addition to my bucket list so when this opportunity arose I couldn’t say no. And at this point in my life I needed another ‘Eat, Pray, Love moment’ they seem to be a regular on my calendar or perhaps it’s just an excuse to travel, whatever the reason I was not complaining.  We drove to Croatia from Germany through Austria and Slovenia. The road was long and tiring but once we hit the coastline of Croatia all driving woes faded into a distant memory. It was 27 degrees with the sun bouncing off ocean as the road winded around the picturesque coast. How very ‘under the Tuscan sun’ of Croatia. We eventually arrived in Rogoznica (this would be our base) late that afternoon to be greeted by a heat wave and pink buildings. It didn’t matter where we were, I couldn’t read any of the signs and everything seemed unfamiliar, exactly what my heart had been longing for…

unnamed-14At this junction I should note that we would be living on a yacht for the next week (casual) but not once did I prepare for the potential sea sickness or hard labour ahead. Oh well here I was…and onto the boat we went. I’ve never been on a sailing yacht before (yes there is a difference apparently) and there was so much to learn, I just threw myself into it, I loved everything about it.  I won’t lie though I was nervous about falling overboard at first but the longer we were aboard the more comfortable I became. We stayed in the bay for two nights before we did our first long sail.

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The first town we sailed to was Primosten, we caught a buoy and planned to stay overnight. It was magical to say the least, the town was small and picturesque we had a perfect view from the bay. It seemed surreal, how often does one find themselves on a yacht amongst a flotilla of yachts in a bay surrounded by such beauty. In that moment I wanted for nothing. unnamed-13 unnamed-8I climbed cautiously off the boat and swam in the open ocean (reminding me of Hillsongs Oceans…where my feet fail) a fear I overcame quite easily. We made dinner reservations that night at Toni’s and went to land. The town felt like an era gone by, as if it had not been touched by the 21st century except for my unlimited data sim card. If there is one thing I recommend in Croatia it’s the food, everything from the octopus salad and potato sides were delicious. The bill was quite hefty but it’s a touristy spot so I advise eating in less popular places.

We sailed back to our marina in Rogoznica and discovered we had lost a plug on the dinghy which we then obviously couldn’t use so we made the decision to drive to Split for the day and replace it.unnamed-5 It was only an hours drive until you are greeted with wham bam city vibes. A few high rise buildings and industrial areas is not how I pictured it to be but as we drove in further to the old city you are hit by the onslaught of tourists everywhere. Tour buses, cruise liners galore it was quite the bustling city. Something I didn’t care for after I had been in such a quiet quaint town. unnamed-4Nonetheless we  did all the touristy things, bought gelato on the Riviera, walked through all the alleyways posing for pictures and of course looking for affordable spots to eat not that it mattered at this point. unnamed-1

The next day we sailed to another town. This time I really enjoyed the sailing got out onto the deck to tan and fell asleep, to wake up in Vinisce. I cannot explain that feeling, watching  the ocean stretch endlessly and greeting the other sailors as they pass by. Lost in the moment conscious of nothing but Gods handiwork.unnamed-9 I felt free, I felt alive, I felt bliss. Vinisce was way less touristy and we only landed up being 5 yachts that anchored in the bay that night as oppose to about 30 in Primosten, so it was quiet and we could really let loose. I jumped off the boat sans inhibitions and swam in the ocean. We had a beautiful lunch on the boat (my girl can throw down in the kitchen, oh yes this yacht had a kitchen, pretty dreamy) and watched as the other yachts sailed into the bay. unnamed-15 unnamed-2

Needless to say I don’t remember much else from that night except seeing fluorescent algae and laughing a lot, Laylaa was there to fill me in the next morning of course. One of the best experiences of my life and definitely one of my new favourite countries, anyone in need of an extra person on their luxury yacht you know who to call now, right?unnamed-12