I must admit I don’t have the most monogamous relationship with my style. Sometimes I hop on the runaway trend train and never look back. Fast forward to a year later I look at my wardrobe and I’m like ‘Bronwyn what were you thinking, this is hideous!’

My personality lends towards the impulsive I-need-it-now : Type Crazy. Which doesn’t really work well when you’re buying clothes that actually need to last you a lifetime. Now I’m not saying let’s all go out and do a Kanye, throw out your entire wardrobe (or your partners in Kimyes case) and buy two-piece skirts and crop tops in every neutral colour imaginable. No, no, no need for such extreme measures (sidenote I have to get Kanye props though, those bodycon dresses and the ‘more is more’ pageant hair wasn’t working for her either).

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve had to re-evaluate (only slightly) my buying style. I have started incorporating neutrals and classic pieces into my wardrobe again. Given, I don’t know how long this is going to last but I must at least have a good go at it. Check in on me again in a few weeks. But for now I’m buying all sorts of neutral t-shirts, classic heels and tailored pieces because we all need those all the time. One can say this drama queen is having a change of heart.

I feel like this excercise will not do me any harm (besides my bank balance) and it can only build on my existing wardrobe and elevate it because these items are never going to go out of style. Case and point these boyfriend jeans I’ve had for more than 10 years even before boyfriend jeans were ‘a thing’ and they’ve survived and helped me through many a ‘I feel fat’ situations.Shop my look:

Photography by: Lana Britton

Shirt dress: 32 Clothing
Jeans: Jahaan jeans
Shoes: Kingsmead
Jewelry: Forevermine_jewelry

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