Life has a funny way of telling you that you don’t always got this. Like when you’re asked to style a shoot for a Canadian luxe sportswear, Tonic and you’re like like ‘hold up I was never ready! It’s always tricky working for a client because they completely trust you (that’s why they hired you) but you also want to execute don’t want to mess this up!

I’ve never really thought that sportswear was my thing but I guess I’m a secret sneaker head (I say secret because it’s so secret it’s in my head I never actually buy the sneakers I lust after) and my style leans a lot towards comfort over everything. So in a way I discovered something I never knew I had which is pretty cool because the older I get the less I think my brain can consume, I never fully used it anyway.
If my aunt reads this post she’d probably be wondering what on earth I know about sportswear because she’s the sports fanatic and I would thus receive her hand me downs everytime I had a excercise spurt in my life (which happens often and fizzles out just as quickly). But since my pole expedition, I’ve been consistent with my sportswear and found this brand luxurious (winning) and amazing quality. It doesn’t wear after all the washing it endures and is so stretchy which I obviously love because I hate feeling constricted or wondering if I’m showing my crack to the stranger behind me on the treadmill. All in all this Tonic brand gets a 9/10 from me.
And because I love you guys for reading you can order anything from their online store, MyFitFab and get a 10% discount at checkout using the code: FITQUEEN

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     MODEL: Charlene Van der Westhuizen

MAKEUP: Jill Snijman

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Styled by: Me