Look, if I could be lying on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean sipping on my G&T in between naps that would always be my ideal holiday but without an unlimited black card or self-discipline to save money, my winter baby self will remain in the cold. This calls for some creativity from my side which I kinda am pretty great at, flicks hair.

I would like begin by apologizing to the kind porter at the Indaba hotel . My failure of a birthday where I had adult all day running errands may have added to me not realizing that my alarm was going off on my car and I was trying to switch it off using the hassets button and he gently asked me to unlock the car via the remote. And I appreciate how hard it must have been to maintain a straight face during my mental breakdown. 
I know people don’t see Joburg has a travel destination but we really have some hidden gems in the city. I mean the the Indaba for instance it is in the heart of Fourways and you would never guess that you are in the city. Its perfectly nestled away from the hustle and bustle. I always forget I could literally drive outside and get stuck in traffic painfully moving at 10km/h.

The reason for my staycation, my birthday of course because I love my birthday and I’m extra and I have to be doing something, obviously they thought it was my honeymoon and I got met by rose petals everywhere which I was not opposed to, I mean positive thinking, right?!  I did dinner with my bestfriend at the Chiefs Boma at the hotel, it includes all things traditional you can have game cooked on the spot to your preference really great if you have to entertain foreign guests. I had another mishap after this so my birthday was actually really showing me flames , I just wanted it to end and Saturday to begin.

I swear hotels have a special place they don’t tell anyone else about that sells the best beds and pillows. To be honest I slept so well I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to wake up for breakfast at 8am. Yes I said 8am. I know, what on earth was I thinking? Well, there was method to the madness. A spa treatment to be exact, no I need to rephrase a spa journey. A full day of spa treatments at Mowana spa  8am to 5pm to be exact. That includes breakfast, lunch and high tea. I mean what’s better than getting pampered all day while eating yourself into a food coma of course.
Also I thought their prices would be ridiculous for all f this but its crazy affordable & definitely the best birthday gift to yourself or someone you really like, like a lot.

Anyone who knows me knows I like a few things;



And massages

So an entire day of massages, facials and body scrubs felt like heaven to me. I mean can you have a spa hangover, I definitely think so…All I wanted to do on Sunday was sleep.


Saturday was spent indoors being surprised by friends (because staycation) eating and drinking copious amounts of champagne. Cheers to that!

To book:





I actually picked the perfect hotel to stay at because my actual birthday on Friday probably the most adult birthday I’ve ever had, a whole tyre pop on a dark empty road and a bunch of boring errands in 8 degree weather. Not the cutest thing ever. So you best believe that Mowana spa t