There are two kinds of people in the world: those who plan down to the last detail and those who freestyle. I’m the latter. I’m the life of the party, please don’t ask me what we’re eating in the house we hired for the next 7 days when the closest mall is an hour away. The irony of those who freestyle is that in spite of what seems like spontaneity — a sort of  laissez-faire attitude that enables the free-styler to seamlessly transport himself from point A to point B — this traveler is meticulous.

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I only had one carry-on luggage spanning 13 days of travel in 5 different locations but I knew exactly which outfits I wanted in case an Instagram opportunity availed itself. I check the weather for the next 14 days and add my destinations to my weather app. To master the art of the YOLO travel lifestyle one must be 2 things: flexible and willing to compromise. For instance: I’d love to take my Chanel espadrilles BUT when and where will I actually wear them. It becomes a case of need vs want. I probably take more shoes on a trip than actual clothing and they land up stuffed into my handbag. But on this trip I only packed practical shoes eg. Sneakers, 1 pair of heels (because wedding) and sliders. unnamed (29)


For those following my Instagram you know exactly where I was and what I wore. But for those who missed it here I am serving one amazing location : Rust en Vrede, a waterfall tucked in between the mountains of the klein Karoo in what looks like a practical outfit but I got it marginally wrong to say the least.

In my mind: I took white sneakers because they match with all my outfits

Practically: we hiked up a mountain in mud to get to this waterfallunnamed (23)

In my mind:  denim serves as the most practical of all clothing items

Practically: the Karoos region 32 degrees felt like a raging sauna and I eventually was soaking wet and not from the waterfall (rolls eyes)

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In conclusion the only practical advise I’m seemingly allowed to give:

you should always pack these items even if you don’t use it as they practically take up zero space (destination dependent of course): bathing suits, zero pants, no real need for shoes beyond those of the slipper variety and a light jacket.unnamed (24)unnamed (25) unnamed (31)