Sometimes we all take our privilege for granted, a car to get into and drive to work every day, a hot shower, a cell phone, the internet, food…basics right? Well not for everyone and recently I reminded of that simple fact. That people’s daily needs aren’t always met, that old people don’t have support from their families. That people don’t have food or shelter, no access to medical attention and psychological support. I think the only sobering glimpses we have of other people’s daily struggles  are load shedding, water cuts and maybe the drought in Cape Town and the frustration we feel, when in fact its more about privilege.

I love this initiative by Onecart – and online grocery store that gets you your order in under 2 hours called One Cart One Love, it’s a simple way to give that costs you no time at all.


It’s a simple 5 step process:

  1. Tell them where you are
  2. Select items you want to buy
  3. Select ‘add monetary value’ that you would like to contribute to uplift others
  4. Safely check-out
  5. Boom, 2 hours later your order will be at your door – the funds will be added to a crowd fund together with your items will be donated on a weekly basis.

One Cart they’ve made it so easy for us millennial who lived in a fast-paced digital world to give back without even getting off our couch. This initiative will aim to raise R10 000 between July-August. If we all just give R100 we can make the lives of these children better, spread a little love why don’t you!