Today we delve into the world of sweaters. Sounds boring right? Wrong, it’s everything but. Take this grey sweater for example, it’s a much talked about topic in my household. It brings ridicule (for me) when my boyfriend states that ‘you look just like your mother’. (My mom has every grey item of clothing imagineable). For some women that is something we dread hearing we’re like our moms for whatever reason…for me it’s because I genuinely think my mom and I don’t look alike but more so because I secretly know that we are similar in many ways for better or for worse.   

My sister saw these images before posting and complained that it could have worked quite well during her pregnancy (like I know what a pregnant womans needs and wants are). Which in retrospect makes sense because she argued it would’ve worked well during her expansion period due to the strategically placed knot that approves of a few extra kilograms. To put this into perspective she just gave birth prematurely this past weekend and like many women struggled to feel cute everyday with their ever-changing body and somewhat of a non-changing wardrobe. 

But a sweater is much more than that it can help out in a multitude of situations, for instance if you rip your pants at the butt-crack during orientation at university and need to cover it for the rest of the day until the torture of never-ending registration queues ended. Yes this happened, no this wasn’t the lowest point in my life I’ve had more embarrassing moments. And of course the ever so popular in the 90’s  shoulder cloak that functions as the entry ticket into a number of golf clubs. 

No need to follow trends anymore — it’s all about personal style and what looks and feels good. Not quite the Celine tote I’ve been pining after but this sweater works equally well to give you a chic look with practical reinforcements.

Shot by: Nadia Omar



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