I know what you’re thinking…not another H&M x Balmain blog post.. I totally understand the irritation so I’ve decided to leave the negative because there was a lot surrounding the Jozi launch and tell you about my interesting shopping experience at the (not so) VIP launch.

So let’s talk…I initially had a game plan going into this experience. Cheque card at the ready, pictures saved on my phone to remind myself not to miss anything, I was there an hour early with my phone fully charged and data loaded (if you follow my snapchat you would remember) and ready to roll. Something instinctively told me it was about to get crazy.


And my instinct failed me not…there was a queue to get into the shop…yes a queue at a VIP launch…never have I ever. Right then I knew it’s about to get Hunger games up in here, thankfully I had my running heels on. 7pm and the store had officially opened its doors and we single-filed into the store like decent human children that was until we hit the floor. I already knew the floor plan (inside info) Balmain was to the left of the door we entered and I immediately spotted the white tee I had my eye on but saw the black was in stock you and took that instead. But as soon as I turned around, hardly seconds later and the small section had been flooded by people I can only describe as…hungry…no starving…for Balmain. I became flustered and started eyeing everything I needed, even pulled in an employee to help me, black shirt with pearl detail and black velvet blazer…go! But to no avail, there was no stock. So I went to plan B almost as fluid as a ballerina I was on my toes looking for anything that grabbed my attention that’s when I found this detailed top. I took my shopping bag and got out of the hot spot looking for refuge from the craziness.

I must say I’m actually quite surprised that I was drawn to this top I’m not one for all the details, I honestly did not care much for the collection as a whole, too much sequence and sparkle and velvet. That’s  just not my thing. But Olivier Rousteing was smart enough to use the Jenner/Kardashian powers to rope in the masses and make them believe try wanted, no correction…needed it. I don’t want something I can wear once a year, thanks. Thank goodness I didn’t have money like these Jozi socialites who burnt through their credit cards, I don’t see a lot of the collection as timeless or classic so it will be difficult to wear season after season.

As a whole I thought the collection was quite expensive and not very accessible to most people (as some items fetched up to R5500) I feel that their should have been more in-between pieces R500-1000) just to appeal to the masses more. But that’s just my two cents.

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Shot by: 72_photography

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Top: H&M x Balmain
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