I recently got invited to a media event launching the Cruises International luxury concierge service.

They sat us down and explained the concept of their new concierge service and submerged us into a world of absolute luxury and escapism leaving us all hanging off our seats needing to be aboard one their cruise liners immediately sailing into the sunset.


The concierge allows holiday makers can customize their cruises with the help of a a team member at Cruises, the space allows for you to dream and fall inlove with every reason to want to cruise.


What did catch my eye however was a slogan used for one of their liner;


Where luxury roams freely.


That’s intoxicating. I couldn’t care less what is aboard that ship but I would want to give up my day job and surely find out. The thought of roaming exotic locations aboard with the comforts of 5, 6 or 7 star treatment is worth a go, no?

I have said this before, if a handsome Italian man came and swept me off my feet, I would gladly run away and live in the a little picturesque town in Europe searching pasta, no problem but I would prefer finding one on the  Crystal River Cruises™ that would surely work better for my traveling spirit. We could sail the seas together quite literally.

Crystal Cruises is an all-inclusive luxury exploring the grand waterways of Europe

Aboard a fleet of five intimate all-suite, butler-serviced river yachts. I mean I could get used to that.


They also visit the capital cities and fairy tale-like villages that line the legendary Danube, Rhine, Main, Moselle, Garonne, Dordogne and Seine rivers. Nothing sounds more romantic than that. And if we o choose to stand on board once we reach a harbour there are endless world-class restaurants and spas for him to romance me on board. There is just something about some European towns that are nostalgic and slow. When you leave the ship to explore it would be another sensory trip into the pathways of yesteryear, simply magical.


And if I am not enough of an adventure for him (which I highly doubt) we could simply enjoy any of the complimentary activities like Nordic Walking Poles, electronically assisted bike or jet skis.