Before reading this, let us set the mood and put on some music, Frank Ocean vibes you know? HA!

Hey everyone, so Bronwyn has been fairly busy with work and prep for her overseas trip (I won’t spoil the fun & tell you where she is off to but you can follow her snapchat to find out). QOJ is turning three and she will only be posting when she comes back from her trip. So I’ve decided to guest write for her, don’t thank me or nothing!


I get very Greys Anatomy with my writing, the sentiment just creeps in somewhere and before I know it bam, Shonda Rhimes aint got nothing on me. So I am going to try and keep this light as possible and not send you on an emotional rollercoaster. I am also going be raving about Bronwyn a lot (*this is me apologizing up front ) because she is awesome and I want to keep my identity a secret…(Can you say S on my chest?)


So a couple of weeks back I had to leave work because life got in the way (sighs, life) but there was an upside to it. I got to spend time with the people I love and with whom I haven’t spent quality time recently and it was overdue.

I got on a plane and went home to ‘get my life’ and see my doctors because heaven knows everybody thinks I am a hypochondriac and I needed professional backup. It didn’t take long (literally) for Bronwyn to decide to be an amazing friend and join me on my journey to recovery (I was getting anxiety attacks so love and friendship helps a lot,Thank you B). Needless to say what ensued was a quick holiday that everyone desperately needed I guess, so holiday FTW!! Also it was her first time in the valley WHICH I couldn’t believe.


I tried to take her to as many places as possible, and she absolutely adored my hometown. If you follow her on Snap or Instagram you would know this is true! Shout out to mom and brother from another mother, you know who you are, for taking her to all the little hidden gems. Since I or rather she was on holiday there were no plans to take images also she was makeup free and was always casual. Because who wears make-up on when you basically on a farm the whole day?


So myself and a few of my friends decided to visit the olive estate, Surval outside of my hometown for lunch, which was absolutely divine, and I ended up taking some photos of her, naturally. I guess being friends with her, this was inevitable. SO don’t judge, I am not a professional and I was using the standard lenses that came with the Canon 600D. Just Enjoy…

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Can I also just say to all my friends and family, I really appreciate all the love and support over the past couple of months. I know how difficult it is to put up with me so I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate you guys! Dealing with anxiety is no joke so for everyone out there carrying the same cross I am, I see you, I feel you and I want to encourage you to fight the good fight everyday. God is faithful, you are not alone, this thing, however real it may seem, will be conquered and we will come out on the other side victorious no matter how dark it may seem at the moment! Keep the Faith and the Love!

Thanks for allowing me to ghost Bron! Maybe I should start blogging as well???

With Love, G