So we spoke about the awkward autumn wardrobe and being in Durban this past weekend reminded me that winter doesn’t really exist there either. I tried layering (to be respectful to the fact that it is autumn in South Africa) and landed up (inappropriately so) in the car removing most of it because humidity is real. So I haven’t fully transitioned yet (how Caitlyn Jenner of me) and I’ve found myself recycling the same items over and over again….


Heres a list of my current most abused items: (Disclaimer: kindly note this list changes sporadically)

· my all white roshe runs ( I know, you’ve seen them all over my instagram)

· my high waisted ripped jeans because I simply look thinner (please note: most abused item since September 2015)

· my fitted burnt orange skirt because thick thighs saves lives

· my bomber jacket (bought 2 days ago…worn everyday since)

· anything grey because neutrals


#TBH I would wear these sneakers with my pyjamas if it was socially acceptable to go the shops in sleep wear because I feel they match with 99% of everything. They appear in almost every #OOTD I’m pretty sure people may think I don’t have any other pairs of shoes when in actual fact I’m a bit of a shoe hoarder (by abit I obviously mean a lot).


Also I’ve been my own #MCM buying clothes from the mens section because everything is aways sold out/too expensive/not warm enough in the womens section lately. So I’m improvising, gender neutral for the win. Okay maybe not lately because I like dabbling in the mens perfume section since forever, I just like the muskier notes. Either way my outfits will definitely have an ‘if I was a boy’ vibe too them, prepare yourself. Just really prepare yourselves for an onslaught of the same items over and over again. We can just think of it as a 5 Items worn in 30 ways winter series? Yes? No?

Okay I’m running with that one because

1) budget is real


2) winter sucks so I’m not buying clothes until summer



Top: Country Road
Skirt: Cotton on
Shoes: Nike
Bag: Aldo