I’ve been going through a lot in the past month, things literally fell apart at the seams and I thought my life was over. How dramatic, I know. But thats just my personality I literally cannot see further than what’s happening right now when I’m that upset. I live with my heart on my sleeve (mostly to my detriment) and this is how it goes…

The first thing to go when I’m in a bad space is my dress sense, I’ve literally been wearing flip flops and had my hair in a (hot mess)y bun for a month. Except on the odd occasion that I had an event or meeting where I’d pull everything including my spanx together. Because after all no matter what you are going through in life you never let them see you sweat honey. Cry on your pillow at home but put makeup on that face and strut your stuff out in public, I don’t care how much it hurts on the inside. Because eventually you’re going to be fine on the inside as you look on the outside.

I know I’m feeling better once I start caring about my appearance again. Attempting winged liner, getting my hair done, actually thinking about what I’m going to wear instead of pulling everything out of my cupboard and still choosing what I wore yesterday. I always think of these turning points in life where you’re re-evaluating your life, your goals, your worth, your dreams as mini style evolutions. Think Carrie after being left at the alter by Big (sidenote: best fashion for a wedding in a movie ever) she did a complete makeover to help her get through her pain. Dark hair, more conservative clothing, less makeup. Which doesn’t mean she changed completely it was just to mourn her great love until he eventually realized he was an idiot and won her heart again in which case her style had evolved again.

Right now my style is whatever doesn’t take an effort and is easy to wear. As long as I don’t have to think about it I’m going to wear it. Like this light weight white dress perfect these hot highveld days…I don’t have to worry about what accessories or shoes to wear it with, I can just grab and go.

Life is like this:

You’re going to have HIGHS
Embrace them,
Enjoy them,
Run with them,
Savour them

You’re going to have LOWS
Go through them,
Be thankful for them,
Learn from them,
Move on from them

It’s in all these in between bits that life takes place. Be conscious. Be alive. Feel it all. 

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Photography by: Lauren Mulligan (@blahgrapher)

Makeup by: Ellenor Ndlovu (@makeupbyellenor)


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