Shashi first studied chiropractic medicine but did not pursue the profession she is now a well-known actress, television presenter and model. Shashi is the owner of Alushi Models who has vast experience in the fashion, entertainment and model industries.


Shashi ALWAYS looks amazing, I mean ALWAYS! Besides her luscious locks and flawless skin, her outfits are beautifully put together and make you want to wear them. I think Shashi understands her body and what looks good on her and she has her own style and tends to not follow trends too much which is great and that’s why I love her!


1) If your house was burning down which shoes would you save and why?

Firstly, let me start by saying this is a horrible question because that is similar to asking me to choose from one of my children, but if I were absolutely forced into making a call, I would say my 6 inch peep toe sling-back Christian Louboutins. I love the fact that they are eco friendly. Each shoe is completely unique, because they are made from recycled Louboutins factory materials.

2) Growing up, when did you fall inlove with fashion?

I was a bit of a late bloomer. I never had any interest in fashion or boys. The exact moment I fell in love with fashion was when I slipped on my matric dance dress for the first time. It was a custom made dress, just for me, I felt my personality lift instantly and in that moment, realized the transformative power of fashion.

3) How has your background influenced the way you dress?

Being of Indian decent, I have always been drawn towards warm vibrant colours, textures in fabrics and bold accessories.

4) Do you have any favourite brands

Shoes- Louboutins
Hand Bags & Belts- Louis Vuitton
Office Staples- Trennery
Wardrobe Fashion Basics- Zara
Red Carpet Glamour- Gert Johan Coetzee

5) What essential beauty or fashion item should every girl own?

Must Haves? My STAPLES AREā€¦
A versatile denim shirt
A classic black polo neck
The little black dress (LBD)
The ultimate biker jacket
A beautiful silk scarf
A perfectly fitted navy blazer
A handbag that cost way too much
And most importantly: The pair of jeans that feel like they were made just for you.