I feel like I have a years supply of photos from this trip but don’t wory I will only bombard you over the next two weeks or so! HA! Today I will just drop a quick visual of all the bathers I wore.

The second leg of my vacation was a sailing trip in Croatia which I will definitely drop on the blog next week, it has quickly become one of my top 3 vacation spots ever! But I will tell you all about it, stay tuned…

So I attempted to have a FYIAH (F** you, I’m Hot) body by the time I got to Croatia because who doesn’t want to have a hot body on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean? Duh.  Life goals. Also it wouldn’t hurt hitting all the guys sleeping on your greatness, cheated or broke up with you with some FYIAH. Well I didn’t get that far with the body because FOOD > body goals but I still loved my life and lived in very little. So here they are…CURVES ON CURVES, REAL LIFE, STRETCH MARKS & TUMMY FAT INCLUDED shots from my vacation, enjoy!unnamed-23unnamed-22unnamed-18unnamed-15unnamed-24unnamed-16


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