I have 4 emotional levels (from happiest to most depressing) 

1. Girl in her car listening to Rihanna ‘B&#%*h better have my money’ at full volume

2.Sam Smith

3. Kanye West hating the world

4. Anything Adele
Lately I’ve been somewhere in between Kanye West & Adele (sidenote: no one should ever be near Adele) this is never a good place to be. In between have a quarter-life crisis and sorting out menial yet highly important things like, a faulty sensor in your engine, broken iPhone and an expired license disc things  haven’t exactly been fun. 
This weekend has been the first time in two weeks that I’ve felt semi-normal again (whatever that means) and I’ve really gained a lot of perspective. Sometimes you need everything to have that ‘screw everything the world hates me’ moment to get back up fighting. Sometimes not looking at what people around you are doing is a good thing, too easily I got caught in wondering why my friends are buying houses and I’m still figuring out how to change my job description. When really, life isnt a sprint ,it’s a marathon and at least at the end of it all I can look back fulfilled having lived the life I dreamed of. And not one dreamt for me.
I’m just so grateful that I’m back on my Sam Smith vibe it feels so good, for now Rihanna will have to take a back seat while I figure out what I’m doing next for this year. Team Confucius all the way and that’s okay.
My screw everything outfit and facial expressions shot by : Burton Witbooi (@burtonwitbooi)

Coat: Zara

T-shirt: 32 Clothing

Pants: MyFitFab

Boots: PnP clothing

Sunglasses: Zuri

Jewelry Forevermine jewelry & accessories