I’m quite the wedding enthusiast as most of my readers already know, I’ve attending 2 weddings this year (which is a record for me) and I’m pretty sure that’s where that ends, oh well there’s always next year, right? I’m down for invites though, just saying…

There’s sort of a secret society that decides what our wedding etiquette should be,  it’s sort of like the lochess monster, nobody has actually seen them but we know they exist. I know there are a lot of rules regarding conduct at a wedding so here are the do’s and don’ts according to yours truly (you may or may not use these rules but I will not be held liable for any bitch  slapping or hair pulling that may ensue following my opinions).
Right,  now that my disclaimer is out of the way let’s talk about everything that irritates me about wedding rules:
1. The dreaded can I wear white to a wedding?
YES . I know this can be very tricky I would say KNOW YOUR BRIDE. Is she petty or insecure? Then probably steer away from white. Personally I think it’s fine if you’re in a white suit or an off-white cocktail dress, I find nothing wrong with that. Brides just actually need to make an effort and make sure no one else tops them, seriously. I mean if Beyonce is your sister and you managed to still look like the bride and break the internet then why on earth would Nicole from down the road upstage you? Get over it brides to be.
2. Can I bring a plus one?
Never. This is not some ratchet party where you can B.O.B (bring own bae). These people have paid upwards of R250 per person and are not expecting you to show up with some guy you met at the gym. Go alone, mingle, meet somebody (weddings are a great hunting ground for men) or at the very least make sure you’ve fully charged your phone to Instagram all night.
3. Should I buy from the gift registry?
It is preferable, these people made a concerted  effort to go out and scan all these impossibly expensive wedding gifts to you to purchase, just bite the bullet. It’s better than giving a gift they’ll absolutely hate and then sell on gumtree after. If this fails find out who wants to go in on a gift with you and save by buying a group gift.
4. Being part of the bridal party and hating your dress, should you speak up?
Unfortunately you can’t unless you want things to be awkward with that friend leading up to the wedding or risking her debunk you of your bridesmaid duties (which in some cases is not a bad idea). I have no idea why brides want their wedding party to look like cupcakes in horrible colours and chiffon nightmares. Get it together brides those are YOUR wedding photpgraphs that are forever going to look like crap!
Needless to say I think I faired pretty well with the weddings I attended this year, keeping it festive in metallics and in this case a cape because it’s rainy season in Cape Town and a nipple stand is never cute on anyone and I hate getting cold. Thank goodness for friends like these, I borrowed this awesome cape from my friend Jamie and also had a beautiful back-up dusty pink dress from my friend Jill and therefore was prepared for any weather Cape Town decided to be. And yes borrowing clothes from your girlfriends is a great idea for weddings because seriously who the heck has a million amazing frocks lying around (besides these socialites because who knows where they even get money from) for everyday use?
Shot by Burton Witbooi @burtonwitbooi
He is also available to shoot events, weddings etc. Contact him via his Instagram account. @burtonwitbooi

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