Let me start off by saying I know how shoddy I’ve been at this blogging thing lately and to all my die hard readers who drop me DMs asking me when I’m writing about boys again (hehe working on it, I good need material after all, wink wink) I’ve decided to do The Royal Rundown at least once a week on where to eat, what to buy, where to travel and perhaps some fun stories about my life in between! SO drop me a comment on what you’d like to hear about!

Okay here goes…

Things to buy

So I’ve travelling every week and I’ve had to take extra care of my beauty routine (which to be fair is usually pretty non-existent) but I know my body always has some crazy reaction when I travel.  And it hasn’t proven me wrong this time round, urgh! When I went to Limpopo I had breakouts on my chin and around my mouth which isn’t the cutest thing ever and freaks me out because my skin is usually clear. I used face mask as often as could. I really enjoyed the Himalaya herbal purifying mask, I got it at Wellness warehouse.  


My hair has also not particularly been happy with me because I have neglected it to the point where I decided to give it a blow dry because I actually couldn’t deal anymore. As I write this I’m currently sitting with the Shea moisture intensive masque on, it is my favourite apart from My naturals masque. Remember curly hair gets extremely dry so a deep conditioner once a week helps a whole lot.

Because of all the travelling I didn’t want to mess up my sleep patterns (I track it with my Fitbit Alta HR) so I tried the brand new sleep cocoon by Dermalogica for the past week in which I was in Durban for it a bit. PROs: I didn’t lose any sleep, my sleep patterns remained consistent; the engineering of the bottle is pretty amazing, no spillage during travel or excessive use of product because of the pump. It absorbs really well & doesn’t leave you greasy.

Everyone has been asking me about my latest highlighter (my Instagram followers are high key stalkers). It’s actually  super cheap (R160) from Dischem, mine is the LA girl Strobing powder in shade: 80 Watts. It’s a decent size and I don’t need to use a lot of product to get that highlight on fleek.rr4

I just received the Babor limited edition festival ampoules and I’ll  be trying the Hydra glow & Lifting star, I’ve heard SO much about this amazing product so I’ll definitely let you know!

Things to eat

So I landed up in Durban twice in the last month and usually I find it boring and way too humid but this time round I really enjoyed it, I’m not really even sure why BUT Angie took me to a spot I fell inlove with. The Antique café is a super quaint joint that is a bit hidden but that adds to its charm. Both times I went there on a Saturday morning and sat outside in the garden, only to be swept away to the streets of Paris listening to La Vie en Rose being played on an accordion by a guy who I imagine is a Frenchman. I was in heaven. The food is all-round the bomb but my must-tries have to be the bee sting for all the sweet lovers, the sweetcorn scrambled eggs, shakshuka and the best homemade lemonade that has ever passed these lips.  rr1 rr3

Things to try

If you are in the Jozi area and you don’t have time to shop, too hungover to shop, don’t like humans in general or something of this nature then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a new kid on the block, OneCart they’re a 2 hour delivery service I used to buy some last minute goodies for my Limpopo trip and they tracked my order and kept me updated from order to dispatch and delivery! It’s a yes from me. And this includes alcohol, even better! PS. Dischem is one of their shops & I got my highlighter here:)rrr