This jumpsuit is incredibly special to me, not just because I love the fit but because it was bought as a surprise for me by my boyfriend for a very special event in my life. But in true Bronwyn style I needed something pretty to wear for the Fashion week opening party & freaked out when the dress I was having made didn’t work out, so the poor guy busted out my gift months before I was supposed to have it to save the day (my modern day Prince Charming).

I try not to wear it too much mostly because I have the tendency to wear things to death but also because its a statement piece in itself. Its quite versatile and you can dress it down & make it more casual. I paired it with this amazing biker jacket that I got as one of my exchanges from the Skip event (see, I promised to do a post about it soon). I love everything about this outfit, I’m obsessed with this bag that’s a play on the Chanel boy bag, and these super comfortable shoes and dope sunglasses I bought online. I don’t do glasses but that’s a new thing in my life too so we’ll see how that goes…

Everything about this outfit sans the jumpsuit is on high rotation in my wardrobe and I must say I love it!

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Jumpsuit: Zara
Biker jacket: Zara
Shoes: Spree
Sunglasses: Spree