1. According to my parents I have absolutely no idea what life is all about or what I’m doing.
2. I do sometimes feel like I have absolutely no idea what’s going on but hey, that’s okay too.
3. If the milk is sour, don’t drink it. It makes you naar.
4. Be authentically you, because who on earth could do a better job?

5. Nobody really cares about what you’re doing, you need to make them care, do everything to the best of your ability, with some flair.
6. Eat good food, eat only when you’re hungry and be happy.
7. Maturity is not based on what books you read or how much money you make, it’s about how you deal when with life when sh*t goes down.
8. Choose your relationships wisely not just your partner but the friends you surround yourself with it’s important that you have people who lift you up and are a positive influence in your life.
9. Buy good shoes, even if you pay more, spend it. Trust me.
10. God always knows best, you may not see it now, it may not make sense but He absolutely has your back.
11. Invest in a good bag, a classic piece that’s timeless. (See #9 this applies to that too).
12. Travel A LOT. Everywhere you can, whenever you can, it’s one of the only things money can buy that’s an investment for your soul.
Photography by: Lana Britton


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