Welcome back, I know I have been very quiet but I’ve been on a long, much-needed holiday and I’m back to kick start the year by airing my dirty laundry and moving along swiftly into the new year, I make no resolutions but I do reflect on ways to better myself, this is what I’ve learnt…

2014 was really a great for me, I think I grew up a little more even though I think going to university about 1500 km away from home helped me mature and become independent very quickly. Blogging opened my eyes to a whole new world of great connections, mean girls (at this age I know, how sad) amazing events I never knew existed and generally opening yourself up to being criticized. For the most part people have been very supportive in my journey and I have been so thankful and if you’re taking the time to read this you are one of them so thank YOU. YOU have allowed me to do what I love. I really can’t complain too much about that but I have been attacked and I’ve seen other bloggers viciously attacked for just living their lives. I’ve learnt that freedom of speech is important and that you will always be offending someone in this crazy world. With 7 billion people and counting not everyone going to like you and that’s OKAY!

I’ve also learnt that I am impatient and stress about absolutely everything, take this skirt for example it was a white skirt (my favourite at the time) it accidentally got dyed blue on my holiday. My initial thoughts were anger but I realized it’s blue now and I just have to run with it and that I’ve got a new item of clothing in my wardrobe! I know now to take the positive out of EVERY situation because you’ll constantly be unhappy if you don’t. Glitches happen constantly in life, just run with it.

Know your worth. I repeat know your worth. When I started blogging I didn’t think about anyone else. I did it because I love being creative and I genuinely felt fulfilled. But as time went on and I started learning the in’s and out’s of this industry I grew insecure. I had to stop and re-evaluate why I was doing this. I was being bombarded by other bloggers being prettier, thinner, wealthier and wondered where I fitted in. I had to realize who I am, what I stood for and who my market is. I’m not a cookie-cutter-kind-of-girl I’m funny, edgy, smart, curvy, short and different. But that’s exactly what makes me Bronwyn and that’s the best part! Work with what your mama gave you!

2015 is a fresh new start for many of you but for me it’s a continuation of 2014 to grow and learn, to love and work hard to succeed in every aspect of my personal and professional life. Forca 2015!

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Top: Topshop
Skirt: Mr. Price
Sunglasses & bracelet: Aldo

Photographer: Liezle Meredith