It seems the worst of winter is over in Joburg (or so we hope) the malls are in their transition stage with only the winter stock that didn’t sell and their spring collections slowly filtering through. The icy winter bite seems to have passed and we have our warm days and cold nights quite distinctly now. Which is actually quite entertaining to watch, everyone seems to interpret it a different way and you’re not quite sure if we all got the same memo on the weather that day. Some people will be full on boots and coats like we’re in the Antarctic & some in full on shorts & flip flops like an island child. I won’t lie I’m probaly more the island child but I do wish spring would hurry itself up now I’m quite bored of my winter essentials. These are some of my favourite ‘transition’ buys lately which also meant they were on sale, bonus!

Photographed by: Alicia Thompson

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Top: Cotton on
Skirt: Zara
Coat: Gifted by my aunt from a London thrift shop
Heels: Edgars
Jewelry: Forevermine jewelry

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